Bad Berka - Blankenhain

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Find a moment of peace while hiking and let yourself be inspired by special places.

Sharpen your gaze and set a new focus in the vastness. Understand being on the road as a journey to yourself and your loved ones.

Start in Bad Berka or Blankenhain and encounter various experience stations on your short trip through the Weimarer Land.

The stage in view

Tour suggestion

Start your short trip in Blankenhain at the castle. Bus stops are located nearby. Alternatively, it is also possible to arrive by car. From the castle you go to the forest bath and follow the nature adventure trail to the Hubertushütte (1.8 km). Once on the Goethe adventure trail, you will discover the following stations: Forest Bathrooms 1 and 2, Periscope, Table Beech (4.5 km). From the Tafelbuche you follow the Drei-Türme-Weg to the Paulinenhütte and from there you get to the bus station in Bad Berka (3 km).

Tip: Very close to the station Waldbadezimmer 2 is a cultural blueberry plantation. It is exclusively managed by the Thuringian Forestry Office Bad Berka and the fruits can be harvested independently. On the Paulin tower near Bad Berka you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the landscape conservation area Mittleres Ilmtal.

Gastronomy & Accommodation

Bad Berka