Hiking on the Goethe-Erlebnisweg

​​​​Special experience: exploring relationships with yourself and others
​​​Cultural heritage: on the trail of a historical relationship​​​​​​​
Active relaxation in the midst of idyllic places and beautiful landscapes
Enjoy Thuringian hospitality in an easily accessible region
​​​​Uncomplicated planning at home and on the road with the info material

On the Goethe-Erlebnisweg between Weimar and Großkochberg you follow the traces of a historical connection. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe regularly took this path to visit his confidante Charlotte von Stein.

A lot of time has passed since Goethe's excursions, but relationship topics have by no means lost their relevance and will continue to concern us humans in the future. In our everyday lives, we often don't deal with them enough. Hiking now offers the opportunity to do just that.

Twelve experience stations on the newly staged Goethe-Erlebnisweg invite you to do just that. Embark on a journey that combines history, experience and nature in a unique way.

Exploring relationships in three stages

Relationships, whether with family, friends or partners, have a positive effect on the human psyche and we become more resistant to stress. People who nurture their relationships are happier, more satisfied and live healthier lives. To get there, we cannot avoid dealing with our own relationships.
But when and where do we find the time for this?

Exercise in nature can help. It allows us to let our thoughts wander, to rethink and reorganize our perspectives. In combination with its twelve interactive stations, the Goethe-Erlebnisweg offers a wonderful opportunity for a very personal reflection on relationships.

Weimar ↔ Bad Berka

What good is love in thoughts

Bad Berka ↔ Blankenhain

Free at last

Blankenhain ↔ Großkochberg

Love in the mirror of time

Discover experience stations

With a new approach, a classic hiking trail has been transformed into a modern adventure trail. Twelve interactive stations invite visitors to explore different facets of the topic of love and relationships.

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Discover stations

Twelve stations along the Goethe Experience Trail invite you to reflect on your relationship with yourself and your fellow human beings.


Discover the variety of enjoyment andaccommodation along the Goethe Adventure Trail.

Adventure tips

Take the opportunity and get to know our region with small and bigger adventures.


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